I ordered a McDonalds Big Breakfast on November 22, 2009, and I was hugely disappointed.  I expected a bigger meal than I got.  I was expecting something with pancakes, which I seem to recall getting once upon a time, but all I got was a piece of sausage, a square scrambled egg like thing, and an English muffin cut in half, and a couple containers of jam.  So, for the extra money, I got to have a Sausage Egg McMuffin separated into the separate components, and placed on a larger tray.  What a big rip-off that was. McDonald’s should rename the Big Breakfast to the Big Rip-Off, or maybe the McRipoff. Guess which meal I will never order from McDonalds ever again? Let this be a warning to all. Be careful of what you order from McDonald’s. The rip-offs are everywhere in there.