Well, the House of Commons is back in session, and the Conservative Reform Alliance Party (CRAP) of Canada (also known as the Conservative Party of Canada) have survived another confidence vote, thanks to the NDP and the Bloc Quebecois Parties. Aren’t these the same two parties that would consistently vote against the CPC whenever the Liberals voted to prop up the Conservative Party? Hey, Dippers, I have a good name for you to rename your party to.  How about “The Contrarian Party”? Or the “We Vote the Opposite of Whatever the Liberals Vote” Party?

Come on Jack, do something original. Show that your party has a backbone and can vote down a sitting government when you actually have some support in the HoC, and not just blow hot air about it when you think you can safely posture about being a leftist party when the Liberals will keep your hot air from actually meaning anything. But guess what? The voters actually have a memory about such things. Not that it matters, since I am sure that the Liberals will enjoy reminding us about it throughout the next campaign, if all you bunch of impotent turkeys on the hill develop a set of orbs, and actually show some mercy by putting this lame duck down. There. I think that is enough avian references in one post. 🙂

Well, I guess we now know the true face of the NDP. Jack Layton and the NDP will say anything to get media attention, but when it comes to backing up his words with actions, there is only the sound of crickets on a still night. Maybe they can call themselves the LDP, the Lame Duck Party.