I am starting to think that Fox Broadcasting hates viewers like me who like intelligent, well written and acted dramatic television shows. Every time Fox airs a new show, and it doesn’t get ratings numbers in the same range as “24” or “American Idol”, they cancel it before they even finish the first season. Whatever happened to the days where a series was allowed to develop an audience over time, and not expect it to be there right from the beginning?

This week, it was announced by Fox that it was canceling the new series, “Drive”, after only 4 episodes were aired. It was critically acclaimed by both critics and viewers, but it apparently didn’t have enough viewers for Fox to keep showing it.

I have now vowed to never again watch a new series broadcast by Fox Broadcasting until after it is at least a year old, because I am getting tired of getting involved in a well written and acted show, just to have Fox pull the plug again and again. I loved the show “Firefly”, which Fox canceled after 12 episodes. I was really getting into the show “Justice”, until Fox canceled that after only 12 episodes. And now, “Drive” has been canceled too. They also canceled the show “Wonderfalls” as well, which I didn’t see, but I heard good things about it. That show lasted a whole 4 episodes.

The message that Fox is sending to viewers is that it is not worth watching new shows, because unless it is a “reality” based show, it will be canceled in short order, if it is any good. So, from now on, I will watch shows on Fox that I am currently involved in that are longer running shows, like “24”, “House”, “Bones”, Prison Break”, etc., but I refuse to watch anything new they may show.

After all, if it is complete crap, it will stick around, but if it is of good quality, it will be canceled by the suits at Fox. And I have better things to do with my time than watch shows that won’t last a season. And since I don’t watch “reality” based shows, I soon won’t be watching anything on Fox once the current shows I watch on that network get canceled.

My advice to production companies that are capable of creating quality programming: Don’t go anywhere near Fox Broadcasting. It is not worth the headaches and heartaches.