Today, “The Harpy” made a big mistake. He booted former Conservative MP Garth Turner out of caucus. The Honourable Member from Halton will now be sitting as an Independent MP. Here was a guy who was not afraid to speak his mind, even when it was against his own party. Of course, The Harpy couldn’t have that. Mustn’t have any MPs violating the “Cone of Silence” surrounding this Conservative Government. Everyone is supposed to keep their mouths shut, and tow the party line, only saying and doing as The Harpy commands. So much for that whole “open and transparent” government that The Harpy wanted us to think he would give us.

In my opinion, The Honourable Garth Turner is the only MP in the current government who actually deserves the “Honourable” title. He is the most progressive MP in Ottawa today, and the Reform, I mean Conservative, Party doesn’t deserve to have him as part of their ranks.

Mr. Turner, I salute you. Keep up the good work of representing your constituents. And keep up the great job of being a thorn in The Harpy’s side.

I should mention that he is neither my MP, nor am I a supporter of the Conservative Party of Canada.

I only hope that The Harpy won’t kick me out of Canada for speaking my thoughts and opinions. If my next posting is from some tropical locale, then you’ll know what happened.