I was in a Subway Restaurant recently, and they had a sign on the glass where they show the different bread choices, advertising a NEW garlic bread. I thought this sounded tasty, so I asked if I could have my sandwich on garlic bread. I was then told that there was no garlic bread, only a garlic spread they can put on whatever bread you want. The sign clearly said “Garlic Bread”, not “Garlic Spread”. To me, this is false advertising.

Just a few minutes ago, I was watching a comercial for Subway, and interestingly enough, it was advertising several new sadwiches, and they mentioned the garlic bread. The very same garlic bread that does not actually exist. Do they think we are stupid, and won’t figure out they are lying to us when we ask for a sandwich on garlic bread, and then get told that there is just a spread, not an actual garlic bread?

This is just another example of corporations treating their customers like complete morons, and showing a complete disregard for their loyal customers. Not exactly a sound business practice, is it?

Here is a picture of the sign in my local Subway store.

Have I misunderstood something? Does “New Freshly Made GARLIC BREAD” mean something different than I think it does?