I have managed to pull off the parenting coup of the year. My son, who is 5 years old, was having trouble getting to sleep at night, because of his fear of the scary monsters in his bedroom. This went on for weeks and weeks, until I finally had enough of it.

A few nights ago, I convinced him that the monsters were not bad monsters, out to harm him. I told him that they were really nice monsters, despite their scary appearance, and that they were merely keeping an eye on him for me, and letting me know if he was in trouble. And that they would come downstairs with me to watch television after he was asleep.

He seemed to understand this idea, and decided that they should no longer be called monsters, because they were not bad beings. From now on, he decided, they would be called “nicers”, because they are nice, not scary. So, according to my son, a nice monster is a nicer. This is working so well that he told me this morning that he didn’t have any scary dreams last night, since he named them “nicers”, only good dreams.

Can you tell that I am rather pleased with myself for this little bit of creative parenting?