There is a fundamental problem in America today. At last year’s Superbowl half-time show, Janet Jackson showed a mostly naked breast. This caused an uproar of gigantic proportions. The US Government went ballistic, the right-wing nut jobs had a fit, and the FCC went apoplectic over this, and suddenly, all media was being watched like a hawk, with censorship running rampant. This year, there was a concerted effort to keep the Superbowl half-time show G rated, even to the point of censoring Mick Jagger on three separate occurances while he performed songs.

Now, contrast this with the fact that you can see violence in the news, on television, in the movies, etc., in large doses, on a daily basis. You can see advertisements for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City on television all the time, and see shows depicting murder, beatings, dismemberments, and rape in prime time. But show a nipple, and the titty cops will be all over you for obscenity violations.

Does this sound rational to anyone? Something beautiful, like a woman’s breast, is immoral and bad and should be censored, but a gang member raping and killing a woman? Show it on prime-time television! That’s the stuff of great cop shows! Can’t censor that!

People need to get a grip, and figure out what the real harm to society is. If I had a choice between my son seeing some woman’s naked breast, and him seeing some gang-banger killing some innocent by-standers in a drive-by shooting, guess which I’d choose? The choice is an easy one. And if you think this problem is limited to the borders of the US of A, guess again. We get a spillover effect up here in Canada. Since we watch a significant amount of American television shows and sporting events, what they show or don’t show affects us equally, and that is not a good thing.