Could we see the end of motor vehicles exceeding the speed limit whenever the driver feels like it? Not only is this possible, but we could see it happen in our lifetimes. All you would need to accomplish this would be a good GPS system, with access to information about what the acceptable speed limit is for any given road, which likely already exists. Put this GPS system in an automobile, have it be able to communicate with a computer that can control the accelerator, and suddenly you cannot exceed the posted speed limit on any road in any area serviced by the GPS system. Emergency vehicles would simply not have this device attached, and would thus be able to go as fast as necessary to get to the scene of the emergency.

Think this is merely science fiction and the mindless rantings of a delusional blogger? Think again. All the necessary technology exists today. The only missing component is legislation mandating that such a setup be installed in all new vehicles, and it would be a done deal.

We may not see this system become mandatory in the short term, but who knows what tomorrow could bring. Reality can often be stranger than science fiction.