This is another of my pet peeves. Every week day, I drive 70 – 100 km to and from work, most of that being on highway 417. When it is raining heavily, and cars are throwing up lots of mist into the air from their tires, it can be a bit difficult to see the cars ahead of you. Especially since most of them are not intelligent enough to turn on their lights. They seem to think that their daytime lights are sufficient. And they would be, if I could somehow, magically, see the front of their vehicles from a position several hundred feet behind them. It is even worse when these same idiots are driving a car that is about the same colour as the mist, or a wet road. That makes the contrast easy to see. Can you feel the sarcasm dripping?

In the future, please turn on your lights. Everyone around you will appreciate it. And it will make it easier to make an insurance claim when you get run into. If the insurance adjuster finds out you didn’t have your lights on, then you will be found to be partially at fault, and therefore won’t get fully reimbursed for everything you feel you should be entitled to.

Plus, it is the logical and courteous thing to do.